Welcome to the SigmaPro Help Desk online demo.  This page contains the core SigmaPro module Team Members can use to interact with Support Tickets.  Normal users will use the SigmaPro Help Desk module.  You can configure the core SigmaPro module to also be used by normal users but the SigmaPro Help Desk module provides a quick setup so you can get going faster.

Login using the account below to view the SigmaPro Help Desk module as a member of a Team assigned to the Help Desk project. 

For information on using SigmaPro, go to www.sigmaprodraconis.com.  For product details go to the product detail on www.OnyakTech.com

Tech Support will use the SigmaPro core module or the Windows Desktop application called SigmaPro Everest to work with tickets.  Mobile applications are also available for tech support to use while working with tasks.

Login with the account below to see SigmaPro in action...

User Name: TeamDemoUser

Password: TeamDemoUser

The module on this page (when logged in) is the core SigmaPro module configured with limited settings.  SigmaPro can do much more than Support; to demo the Project Management  and CRM features go to www.OnyakTech.com to download an evaluation version you can use on your local DotNetNuke web site.