Soma Elite is a powerful content processing OnyakTech DNN Module that makes it easy to improve your existing content regardless of the module or skin it’s created by. Turn simple text into exciting interactive information by using Soma’s Tag Rendering Engine. For complete details, go to Soma Elite Product Description page.

For the best evaluation of Soma Elite you can download an evaluation version from

This content here is setup in a DotNetNuke HTML module. We have setup a few tokens that are processed by Soma Elite (also on this page but hidden). Below is the content that is processed by Soma Elite.


---- DEMO START ---

This is a standard HTML module that contains normal content.  The only difference is that Soma Elite scans the entire page and replaces content you specify. Here is an example of a Replace Tag: This content was added into Soma Elite and is replaced in all instances on the page where the related tag is found. You can use this to replace company names, key words and more so that you can quickly change content for many locations in one place.. 

And here is a PopUp Window: [popup]

Sample popup window content. Can contain images, text, HTML, etc.

This text will appear below the main content

You can also include Wiki LookUp: Microsoft in your content and have it replace all instances of the key word.  For example, setting Microsoft here again will be replaced by Soma Elite, all you have to do is set the phrase to be repeated; here Microsoft is the content that is replaced with a Wiki look-up.

Even though it's easy to create an email link, you might want to have this be automated so that you don't have to set the HTML yourself, just let Soma Elite do it like this: OnyakTech Module Support

You can also convert standard words into an Image PopUp:

Sample popup window content. Can contain images, text, HTML, etc.

This text will appear below the main content

Or convert standard words to have a Tool Tip: OnyakTech DNN Module

A Thumbnail Image

You might even want to add Scroll and Pause Content:

The Scroll and Pause feature of Soma Elite can

work with text and images

it can even work with full html

Or how about a Shuffle Content:

It's like placing a photo gallery anywhere on your page giving you complete design freedom.  You can also have Fading Content: