Welcome to OnyakTech DNN Modules

Below is a list of OnyakTech Modules for DotNetNuke that are setup on this site for your review as a demo.


To download full featured evaluation versions of the modules, go to www.OnyakTech.com

Data Viewer Pro

The OnyakTech Data Viewer module is a very powerful utility module that makes it easy for you to upload data to your database and then view, edit and drill down into that data. 

File Share

DNN module makes it easy to share files from your site with instant direct download of individual files or bulk downloading of multiple files into a single zip file. Store the files on your own server or on the Amazon S3 Cloud! 

SigmaPro Draconis

Powerful module for Help Desks - Support Desk, Call Centers, CRM, Software Releases, Knowledge Base, Project Management, Issue Tracking, Time Tracking, Task Manager and more! Total customization power to mold to any ticket based system you need.  Additional information is on www.SigmaProDraconis.com


(Email Newsletters, Opt-In, Auto Responder, Lists and more!): Axon is an email manager for DNN. Use Axon for Marketing Campaigns, Email Responders, Email List Server, Surveys, newsletters, threaded email management and custom dynamic content at scheduled intervals.Additional information is on www.DNNEmail.com

ReZults Dynamics

is a DNN Module that will help you easily create quizzes and surveys for your web site. But its much more than just another quiz and survey module, its completely dynamic allowing quizzes to be different each time they are taken and you can even dynamically generate a Microsoft Word documents with content based on the answers provided!


is a news publishing module for DNN that was created to fill a need no other module provides. With Novus you can publish RSS Feeds in and out of your site, display messages across multiple portals, organize your articles into multi-level categories with images, automatic email notifications of new articles and so much more. 

Custom Data Forms

OnyakTech Forms is the fastest way to create custom forms with DNN to collect data from your web site visitors. It's also very easy and fast to design the forms to look the way you need them.


( Live Chat ): Live Chat software for DNN. Allows your company representatives to engage in a 1-to-1 chat with your web site visitors in real-time. Instantly provide live help, live support, visitor tracking, and proactive sales for your products and services.


H2O is an application builder for DNN. There is no need to program anything in DNN again. Easily put together custom forms, configure security, attach to existing tables in SQL Server, accept payments via PayPal, complete custom views and more. The possibilities are endless.


OnyakTech Charts Module for DNN. A charting module for DNN that is easy to use for non-technical users but advanced enough for tech-geeks. Choose from 35 different chart types with total customization of the header & footer text, background.

Soma Elite

(Dynamic CMS): Soma Elite is a powerful content publishing module for DNN that makes it easy to create dynamic rich content on your web site. Turn simple articles into exciting information by using Soma’s Tag Rendering Engine to turn every occurrence of a word into hyperlinks, pop-ups showing additional rich content and more.

Portal Sign-Up

(Host Your Own Portal Community): Portal Sign-Up (Now with PayPal Support) is part of the Portal Community Toolkit that contains modules that make it easy to setup a community of portals where users can create their own sub-portals with Portal Sign-Up or visit other sub-portals in your site using the Portal Directory module.

Host Commander

(Portal Administration Tools): A host specific module for system scheduled jobs, portal statistics, users online (Live), global time chart, site logs, server logs, portal pages & modules and web site snapshot generation for user profiles. It takes scheduled jobs to the next level by including additional jobs you can execute, run SQL statements or stored procedures with email notification of its status.

OnyakTech Reports

PDF Reports is a reporting writing module for DNN that allows you to view your DNN data (via SQL Statements) in PDF format with images, text and bookmarks. You can even download the source and share with other DNN sites. Write reports in your portal and share with the entire DNN community

Geo Locator

( Search People & Store Locator ): OnyakTech Geo Locator allows you to search for people or locations near them by entering a zip code. The search returns User Profiles from Roles you specify that are within a set range of miles/kilometers from the zip code they enter.


(Forums): Qpoke is a message board that displays messages at the module, portal or global level with instant notifications through a Windows Vista Gadget. Giving you the ability to notify users of important information even if they are not surfing the web or looking at their email. 

Windows Vista Gadgets

for DNN you can monitor your users, sales, projects and support all without opening a browser. its never been easier to obtain business critical information when you need it most. 

My Weather

The OnyakTech My Weather DNN module displays the current seven day forecast for the current user based on the Zip code from the user profile.


takes DNN farther then just a CMS system by giving you dynamic content based on the user. With MyLinks, your users can create their own list of links to be displayed when they visit your site. The only links they see are the ones they added.

Log-In with Facebook Connect

This Module combines the templated design of the OnyakTech Forms module with FaceBook Connect, Single Sign-On, Cross Portal Authentication, Custom Messages, Redirects by Role and more. 

Ad PopUps

(OnyakTech.Ads): OnyakTech.Ads is a DNN module that displays advertisements like a pop-up, but it sneaks by pop-up blockers to guarantee ad delivery. The ad is displayed over your pages content and is closed by clicking on the "Close Window" button. Note that close button executes client-side script to react quickly and without a trip back to your server.


Need a professional looking DNN module to allow people to ask you questions or send you feedback without providing your email address to SPAMMERS? The Feedback module by OnyakTech gives you this ability with a professional classy touch. Just add it to your page, set the email address and your all set. Easy to use and a module you can't live without.


(Dynamic Graphics Processing): Build Professional Marketable web sites like a pro in minutes that catch the eye and draw attention. Does not use Flash or any plug-in required browser support. Oseta gives you powerful image and text processing features through native multi-browser compatible rendering.

MP3 Player

A simple great looking MP3 Player for you DotNetNuke Web Site. Options include AutoPlay, Loop, URL to MP3 Files and the option to hide or display the player.

Dashboard Modules

(Visual Reporting) (Catalook, SigmaPro, SigmaLive, etc): These modules provide high level information, metrics and charts. 


(Build a Link Exchange): Give people a reason to link to your site by building a central link exchange! Rank High in Search Engines and get more Traffic using this Top Sites module

PayPal Donations

Very easy to use module to allow your visitors to make donations to you via PayPal. Just set your PayPal ID, the currency you want to use and update. That's It! The module will display the image shown below and when clicked your visitors will be taken to PayPal to submit their donation to you.


(Get More Traffic!): Email-It allows you to quickly add the ability for your current visitors to email your site to their friends. its easy and ready for use (no configurations required).

PayPal Subscriptions

Very easy to use module to allow your visitors to subscribe to your services/products via PayPal. Payments are processed automatically for you until your subscribers cancel the subscription. Just set your options and update.


(A Feedback Module): Need a DNN module to allow people to inform you of invalid links on your site? Or to report abuse by other users in your web community? The Report-It module by OnyakTech gives you this ability with a professional classy touch. Just add it to your page, set the email address to send the reports to and you're all set. Easy to use and a module you can't live without.

My Contacts

My Contacts module is a robust Contact module for DNN that allows you to store contact information at a global community level or at a personalized level with full customization.  This module even includes additional advanced display functions you can use to provide more information about your contacts by association with other data in your system, RSS Feeds, weather forecasts, web site snapshots and more!